Monday, November 7, 2011

First Snow

Saturday night we got our first snow. We got maybe an inch, but it has melted quite a bit already.

We have been frantically trying to get everything done before winter hits. One of the tasks was putting in over a mile of pipeline. When Dad went to start the trencher a month or so ago, the governor stuck and it started over-revving. The fuel shutoff didn't work either, so he had to pinch the fuel line to get it under control. We had to take it to Dickinson and it took three weeks before we got it back. We finally got our trenching done at the mountain before the cold weather hit (so we thought). Saturday night Mom and I went to get a pickup that was still at the mountain and noticed water bubbling out of the ground. We shut the water off and went home. The next day Dad had to go dig the pipeline out when it was about thirty degrees with a thirty mph wind. He got it repaired and turned down the pressure. One of the problems was there is a 325 foot drop from the highest point in the pipeline to the lowest.

This is the pipe we used. It is actually gas line and comes in 2000 foot roles. After unrolling one roll with just Dad and me, we recruited Mom to help as well. Things went a lot better after that.

A picture I took a while ago of one of our future milk cows chasing deer out of the yard.


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  1. The picture of the cow is awesome! Either Jess photoshopped the dirt in, or that cow was really after those deer!! =)