Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Colt Work

We have been continuing to work the colts when we have time. I started this post a few days ago, but never got around to finishing it.

Here is Dad sacking out Stormy.

And Bandit.

Here is Stormy's first ride.

Stormy did well. He really moved out.

He did try bucking though.

Outlaw was a little confused.

And tried bucking

Notice the hat. I have a cool sequence with pictures that came before and after. I might edit this post to add them.

Pistol is doing well too.

A picture of some of our cows and calves.

Since I started this post Dad has put a few more rides on the colts and has ridden Bandit.

We have been going to quite a few brandings. I might put some pictures up of that sometime. We finally got some rain. We are hoping for more though.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Working Colts

Yesterday we brought in the horses and started working with the three-year-old colts. There are four of them so it is a bit of a job.

Here Danny is sacking out Pistol, the dun colt. Pistol is next to impossible to spook, as you can see.

We tie the colts' back foot up so they learn to stand still and not to be afraid of having a rope around their feet.

Dad sacking Outlaw out with a jacket. We are also working with another bay roan named Stormy.

And lifting his feet up.

Dad is also working with Eagle, the five-year-old who still needs some work.

Today we saddled all the colts except for Bandit, who isn't coming along quite as fast.

Outlaw didn't like the saddle very much and started bucking before Dad had it cinched down properly.

We saddled Pistol yesterday because he was fairly quiet. Today Dad rode him. He did well for his first ride.

And Danny even got on him.

We are enjoying learning and gaining experience working with the colts.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

New camera and other things

Recently, we got a new camera since the old family camera was failing after taking thousands of pictures. The new one has 20X zoom, which is really nice because I like to take pictures of wildlife.
A blossom on one of our berry bushes.

A curlew who was being photogenic, even if it was rather hard to spot.

Blue wing teals. For some reason, the bird book says they're shy but they're not as wild as some other duck species in the area. (Perhaps less people hunt them?)

It works well for taking pictures of the moon too. I got this one when I went to let the chickens out a little before dawn.

On another note, I've been letting my chickens out at dawn, which seems to have helped increase egg production. I've read some things that say not to let hens out until they're done laying since they could lay outside, but from what I've seen, chickens seem to eat less feed and lay better if they're allowed out early. I think the benefits are greater than the risks, even if I got some surprise chicks last year for the first time. Here's some pictures of the hen and her chicks that I never got around to posting.

Since I hatched some chicks late last year, I haven't hatched any this year.

Here's another picture taken shortly before we got the new camera.

And now for a little cartoon I drew.
The real reason aliens abduct cattle.