Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Springs Fly-in

Earlier in September(10-12) we went to a fly-in at Hot Springs, SD. The fly-in was for the type of airplane I am building. About 120 people and 54 airplanes showed up. I had a lot of fun just looking at the airplanes and talking to the builders. The highlight of the trip was getting to ride in, and fly the same model airplane I am working on (an RV-9).

We flew over Mount Rushmore on the way to Hot Springs,

The Bearhawk,

Here is the RV-9 that I got to fly,

Some of the RV's

An RV-8 (Borrowed Horse)

A nice RV-10,

Dad admiring another nice RV-10,

A row of airplanes waiting for fuel,

A nice RV-6,

A funny shirt,

A map of where everyone came from,

The Bearhawk sticking out like a sore thumb,

On our way back we flew over Crazy Horse,

And Devils Tower,

We also flew over the Medicine Rocks,