Saturday, February 27, 2010


On Saturday morning we woke up to see frost covering everything so we went out and took some pictures. Here they are.

A Russian olive tree,

Another Russian olive,

Down the draw,

A woven wire fence,


A close-up of the woven wire,

The clothesline,

A close-up of a clothespin,

A close-up of a blue-spruce,
A close-up of a branch with frost on it.
A close-up of a piece of barbed wire,
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Monday, February 15, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I (Bobbie) took D.J. and Danny to Bozeman as Danny and I were scheduled to attend a beginning beekeeping workshop on Sat., Jan. 30th. We went up a day early and stayed at my brother's place so we could go to Bridger Bowl Ski Area on Friday. After going with Duey to feed the cows, the boys and I took a snowboard lesson. First time for me on the hill in about 20 years. The weather was 40 degrees and calm--a nice change from eastern Montana. The picture below is of my brother Duey, D.J., and Danny on the deck of the ski lodge.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RV-9 Part 2

Well, as promised, here are some pictures of what was in the boxes. I had to inventory all the parts to make sure I had everything.

This is the big wing box:

And here is what was in it:

Here is a picture of one of the wings:

Earlier I said the two smaller boxes contained the fuselage kit, but I was wrong. The fuselage kit was in one of the smaller boxes and parts for the wing were in the other. Here is a picture of the rest of the the wing parts:

And here are most of the contents on the table:

You can see the flaps on the left side of the table, the ailerons to the left, the wingtips on the far side, and various parts strung all over the place.

Here is the fuselage box:

And here are the parts that were in it:

Some more parts. It's amazing how much stuff can fit into one box:

You might have noticed that there was a lot of paper in the boxes. Here is a picture of where the paper went: