Friday, October 23, 2009


Last Saturday D.J. and I were going on a walk. We were kind of getting tired so we decided to go sit in a tree. We sat down in the tree and heard buzzing. It kind of sounded like flies on something dead, but then I saw bugs buzzing around a tree. I thought they were wasps and I was thinking about running (because I have wasp phobia) but I realized they didn't look like wasps. After a while of watching, I borrowed my brother's jacket and wrapped it around my head so if they were wasps they couldn't inflict as much damage to my head. I slowly approached. As I got closer, I became more and more sure that they weren't wasps. That's when I realized that they were bees! I slowly walked a little closer and realized that they looked like honey bees. There were two openings in the tree. One was a hole about three or four feet off the ground, the other was a small crack about three or four feet from the top of the tree. They weren't aggressive and it was really fun watching them. I now know that they are honey bees. It is really odd because we've never seen honey bees in a hollow tree before! It's also really neat because I'm thinking about becoming a beekeeper. Here are some pictures:

The lower entrance.

A few bees I took a picture of.

The entrance again.

The top entrance.

The hollow tree.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snowbird flyover

This was September 28th the day after the airshow.

We need to be more careful about who we give our GPS coordinates to. Sure glad they were friendlies.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wings of Freedom Airshow September 26-27

We attended the local airshow in Sidney, Mt. the last weekend of September. We really had a good time visiting with pilots, making new friends and of course looking at airplanes.

We were asked if we would bring the Bearhawk in and put on static display which we gladly did.

We sat a lot of kids in the airplane and visited with a lot of people about it. I think Bobbie really enjoyed herself.

I know Danny and DJ did. Danny found a guy from Bozeman that is going to be a glider instructor that offered Danny a ride in a glider if we make it up to Bozeman. Danny also really enjoyed the airshow.

DJ pouted all day about having to look at dumb airplanes. Just kidding. I would say DJ enjoyed the two days more than any of us. He got to meet a guy that has an RV9 that is only about 150 miles away. The Rv9 is what DJ is building.

Bobbie and I went in for the meet the pilots supper Saturday night. We met Jim and Cathy Pietz along with several Snowbird pilots. Really nice people. Afterward we followed a bunch of the pilots to another hanger and sat in on their informal jam session. They had guitars, fiddles, and harmonicas. That was really fun to listen to.

Sunday was very windy and chilly so just Bobbie, DJ, and I flew into the airshow. We introduced DJ to Jim Pietz and then they both promptly disappeared. We saw them back in between the airshow planes looking at Jim's Extra 300. Then Jim took DJ and introduced him to the airshow pilots. I thought maybe he was going to run off with them.

Tim Lynn's restored 1952 Cessna 195, really beautiful.

Spectators looking our Bearhawk over.

Ken Flikkema's Harmon Rocket. (Notice the graphics)

The Canadian Snowbirds.

Warren Pietsch flying his Clipped Wing Taylorcraft.

DJ visiting with Jim Peitz, Warren Pietsch(behind Jim) and Gene Soucy.

DJ checking out the Canadian Forces F-18

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The economic crisis has hit our dog Sam hard. He's worried himself into a sweat about the price of dog food.