Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haying and Thunder Storms

Not exactly a good combination.

We are still busy haying. We have gotten over 1400 bales put up this year so far and have a lot more to go.

Finished with that field. You can see Blue Mountain in the background.

That field finished too.

A field with a lot of sweet clover.

Dad cutting hay.

Mom standing in the sweet clover.

A picture of the breaks down by Devils Canyon.

You can see baled hay, cut hay, and yet-to-be-cut hay.

Nice pretty windrows. Wish they still looked like that...

This storm came through a week ago. We got 1.1 inches out of it.

These pictures were taken yesterday.

Mom and Dad went up to the mountain to try to hay yesterday. We thought this storm would miss us. We were wrong. We didn't get it too bad at the house, but at the mountain where the hay was there was more rain and wind. Some of the windrows blew. We will have to rake to get the windrows back together. However, compared to some, we didn't have it too bad. We went flying today and towards Savage there is a lot of damage. Power poles are snapped, pivots are toppled, and some buildings are damaged. I took some pictures and will try to get them up soon.

We got about 8/10 of an inch in the storm yesterday. That is 3 inches in 3 weeks. Not typical July weather.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cutting Hay

We started cutting hay just east of the house yesterday. There is going to be a lot of hay.

Last night a thunderstorm came through. We got about an inch of rain in half an hour. There was also a terrible wind and hail, not a good combination. It pretty much wiped out the garden. Fortunately the hail wasn't really big. If it had been we might have lost some windows.

Now for the haying pictures.

A big patch of clover.

A close up of the clover.

Tall grass.

Nice windrows.

The hay here was so tall it was lying over.

We went flying this morning and I took some pictures of the hay. Luckily the windrows stayed put during the storm.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Camera, Haying, Flying, and Moving Steers

On Monday my new camera arrived. Our old one (Canon Powershot S3-IS) has been a really good camera, but is hardly pocketable. I ordered a Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS and have been really pleased with it so far. It doesn't have quite the zoom, but is really handy because of its size.

Our old camera (S3-IS) on the left and my new one (300 HS) on the right. All the pictures other than this one were taken with the new one.

We finished haying across the river. We ended up with just short of 700 bales off of 160 acres.

An aerial picture of some of our cows. My new camera seems to do better taking pictures out of the airplane.

The "sand rocks" towards Blue Mountain.

We started having problems with our steers getting into the neighbor's cattle (because steers tend to be curious) so we decided we should probably move them home a few weeks early. When we flew we saw they weren't too far from the gate, so we decided it would be a good time to move them.

If you enlarge this picture you will be able to see the steers.

So we took the stock trailer down part way. (The road is too bad to take it all the way down) Then we rode from there. Dad and Jessi split off to get six steers out of the neighbor's while the rest of us went to gather the rest of the steers.

A picture from the top of a ridge looking towards the river.

Gathering the steers.

Moving the steers.

They had to stop at the mud hole.

Another picture of them.

Waiting at the gate for the steers Dad and Jessi were bringing.

Mom looking for Dad and Jessi.

Danny on Dundee.

Mom on Poco.

Taking the steers across the ridge.

Trailing the steers home.

Mom, Dad, and Danny.

If you look closely you can see Jessi in the lead. We found that if you have her ride in front of the steers they tend to follow her.

Mom Danny and Dad again.

Headed down into the creek.

We got them home and dropped them in a nearby pasture. We will bring them in and haul them to another pasture pretty soon.