Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haying and Thunder Storms

Not exactly a good combination.

We are still busy haying. We have gotten over 1400 bales put up this year so far and have a lot more to go.

Finished with that field. You can see Blue Mountain in the background.

That field finished too.

A field with a lot of sweet clover.

Dad cutting hay.

Mom standing in the sweet clover.

A picture of the breaks down by Devils Canyon.

You can see baled hay, cut hay, and yet-to-be-cut hay.

Nice pretty windrows. Wish they still looked like that...

This storm came through a week ago. We got 1.1 inches out of it.

These pictures were taken yesterday.

Mom and Dad went up to the mountain to try to hay yesterday. We thought this storm would miss us. We were wrong. We didn't get it too bad at the house, but at the mountain where the hay was there was more rain and wind. Some of the windrows blew. We will have to rake to get the windrows back together. However, compared to some, we didn't have it too bad. We went flying today and towards Savage there is a lot of damage. Power poles are snapped, pivots are toppled, and some buildings are damaged. I took some pictures and will try to get them up soon.

We got about 8/10 of an inch in the storm yesterday. That is 3 inches in 3 weeks. Not typical July weather.


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