Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Recently we got our house jacked up because it had settled 3 1/4 inches. It had been settling over the years, but this year it settled so much we couldn't open the doors or windows on one corner. We found a company that screws steel piers down and then jack up the foundation. Here is a picture of what they screw down.

Here is a picture of them screwing the piers in. Normally they can hit something solid at 15 feet or so, but they had to screw them down to 60 feet here.

This is what sits atop the pier. They put a hydraulic jack in the open space and jack it up until it gets where it needs to be then tighten down the nuts.

Here is the gap that was left after they jacked the house up.

This is a crack in the wall before they jacked the house up.

And the after picture.

Now, all our doors and windows open.

However, to have the house jacked up, the deck had to be taken off. We managed to take it off in just two pieces. It was a job, but not as bad as trying to take it off board by board.

We also had to put it back on. Luckily we had really nice weather. Here's some pictures of us putting the deck back on.

We are so thankful for the beautiful weather. Today it hit 54 degrees.

There is barely any snow, which we are extremely thankful for. It looks like the weather is going to stay good into January. They are forecasting mid 40's
in January.

Since these pictures were taken the snow has melted even more.

This picture was taken December 6th 2010... Over a year ago. I'm so glad it doesn't look like that now.

We are leaving our calves with our cows while the weather is still nice. It seems to be working quite well.


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