Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yellowstone River Flooding

On Monday Dad and I went flying in the T-craft. We were amazed by how high the river was. This is because of all they are getting to the southwest. We told Mom, and she wanted to go see it, so we decided to take the Bearhawk. Dad, Mom, Jessi and I all got in and Dad hand-propped it (low battery) and got it started (I was surprised he was able to hand-prop an 0-540). Then we went flying. I won't do too much describing since the pictures speak for themselves.

This is the Intake Diversion dam. This is where the water for the canal comes in. They have spent 40 million dollars trying to fix something that doesn't need it. All to put in fish screens. And now the water is only a few feet from washing it all downstream. Take a look at the picture. You can see the old intake on the left.

These cows aren't in a very good spot.

The 'Fishing Rock'.

Flooded fields.

More pictures of the flooding.

Check out this landslide. The whole hill slid down quite a ways.



  1. That's a lot of water, and to think it will come down the Missouri river that is already extra high from run off. We live in interesting times!

  2. Wow! Amazing amounts of water! Thanks for the great photos.