Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain (4.6 inches!)

We got 4/10ths of an inch on Sunday night. It really started raining Monday evening. There was a lot of lightning. By around 10:00 P.M. we had 2.6 inches. By Tuesday morning we had over 3.5 inches. It rained throughout the morning and started to taper off by evening.

All and all we got 4.6 inches of rain in less than two days. I never remember seeing this much in the rain gauge. It is really muddy. The ground was already pretty saturated before we got the rain. Now it is very saturated. It didn't run the creeks as much as I thought it would though, but it still took out some fence in the creeks. This brings our total rainfall amount up to around 8 inches and that isn't counting the snow. That is like 2/3 of our average annual rainfall.

The proof.

The cattle-guard was full of water.

We were able to get up and check cattle Tuesday morning between storms. Luckily for you, I took the camera.

Looking towards the reservoir.

The heifers weren't too bothered about the rain.

The rain filled some reservoirs.

The three-year-olds. (You might have to enlarge the photo to see them.)

Blue Mountain was covered in clouds.

Today we flew again. I didn't take the big camera, but I did get some decent pictures.

You can see the cows on the far side of the reservoir.

Look closely in this picture. See the snowdrift? Today marks 6 months of having snow on the ground. We first got snow on November 11th and it never did completely melt off. Then we got more and more and...

In the center of the picture there is a pile of about fifteen calves. (Click to enlarge.)

Down on Cottonwood Creek.

The steers were happily grazing at the river.

The Yellowstone River is really high from all the rain.



  1. Wow!! You guys should defiantly tell the rain to come on down to New Mexico because we really need it!!! I totally remember that cattle-guard being deep...........

  2. I love seeing the land from the air, especially when there are unusual weather events like you have been having. I am always glad when people get rain when it can do them some good. There is a lot of potential now for good pasture and feed. Thanks for sharing