Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Look what showed up

A few days ago something happened that was odd. A wild turkey showed up! She's been hanging around the chicken coop for the past three days and evidently wants to stay.
Here's some pictures.

Our milk pen calf named Copper.

Our long horned cow named Killer.

Our dog, Sam, trying to play with our yearling milk pen calf named Ebony.
My calf from my half-longhorn cow named Clover.
The turkey that showed up.


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  1. That is very cool. Once in awhile, when we're really lucky and quiet (and can keep Fritz from going crazy when he sees them), we'll have some deer in our yard - we live by a good-sized area that has a lot of trees and there is a small herd living in there. Unfortunately there has been construction that looks like it might end up cutting a road through that area - I'm worried what will happen to the deer if that happens.