Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I thought I would give you an update about what has been going on. Saturday and Sunday were in the fifties. However, Sunday night the moisture moved in. It started out as rain, before quickly switching over to snow.

When it is nice out, Danny and I walk out and try to gentle down the heifers. These pictures were taken before the snow.

Monday was kind of a blizzard. Visibility was far worse than this at times.

We were unable to get out and feed the cattle on Monday due to the whiteout conditions. When we went out to feed Tuesday, we found some rather deep snow. As you can see, we basically buried the pickup. After quite a bit of shoveling we got it out. We had to go back, get the wheel loader, and plow a path to the cows so we could get them fed.

Looking east of the house, there is quite a bit of snow.
We aren't going to complain about the snow. It will melt off pretty soon and soak into the ground, giving the grass a good start.


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  1. Good news on the moisture! Glad to hear you received some. I hope the spring will be rainy.