Sunday, February 24, 2013


The weather has been pretty good recently. We will get a few cold days, but it never seems to last too long. We don't have much snow, but there is some ice. I guess there isn't a lot to post. Last week Mom took some pictures of us feeding the cattle so I guess I'll put them up.

On bales with a lot of leaves, like this third-cutting alfalfa, sometimes we have to pitch some of it off, or it will fall apart in a pile when we try to unroll it.


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  1. I remember when your dad and grandpa came up with that thing for unrolling the round bales. For that matter, I remember when they still kept the hay mostly in stacks (I loved playing in the stacks), and then the small bales (what did your dad used to call them.... Oh, yeah, 'Idiot blocks'), then finally the round bales. Looks like things are okay out that way, I hope you have plenty of moisture this spring.