Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Working Colts

Yesterday we brought in the horses and started working with the three-year-old colts. There are four of them so it is a bit of a job.

Here Danny is sacking out Pistol, the dun colt. Pistol is next to impossible to spook, as you can see.

We tie the colts' back foot up so they learn to stand still and not to be afraid of having a rope around their feet.

Dad sacking Outlaw out with a jacket. We are also working with another bay roan named Stormy.

And lifting his feet up.

Dad is also working with Eagle, the five-year-old who still needs some work.

Today we saddled all the colts except for Bandit, who isn't coming along quite as fast.

Outlaw didn't like the saddle very much and started bucking before Dad had it cinched down properly.

We saddled Pistol yesterday because he was fairly quiet. Today Dad rode him. He did well for his first ride.

And Danny even got on him.

We are enjoying learning and gaining experience working with the colts.



  1. Nice pictures! I've always loved duns, but that black colt is gorgeous! Sounds like Pistol is not fitting in to his name if he's so calm - that's always a good thing. IIRC my Snoopy mare was similar 'cause I was putting sacks and stuff on her when she was still literally a foal.

  2. Very interesting! Those are good looking horses.