Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yesterday wasn't a very productive day. It started off with Dad hauling rock to creek/draw crossings. On his last load, his truck got stuck in reverse and he couldn't get it out. If he had tried backing out, he would have gotten stuck in the crossing. Mom and I went looking for him and found him walking. We went back and got the wheel loader and pulled him out, but we still couldn't get it out of reverse, so we deduced it needs a new transmission. He went over to smooth out the creek crossings with the loader and we went to get tools so he could take the drive-line off so we could pull him home. We got back and waited where he was supposed to meet us, but he didn't show up. Then I got a call from him on the cellphone. When I asked him where he was he said, "Stuck." The day was almost over though, so we picked him up and then pulled the truck home.

Dad had pulled in here with the loaded truck, and it didn't sink or anything. He had smoothed it out with the loader, but when he was backing up, it just sunk. The odd thing is, it is dry on top.

You can see where the ground just gave way.

Today, we just had to figure out how to pull the 30,000 pound loader out. The only thing we figured we could get it out with was our D7 CAT. We had to replace a fuel filter on our other truck, hook up to the trailer, get the CAT started, and hauled over. Once we got it there, we were able to pull it right out.

And that is how it is done.

Here is the hole the loader made.

In the last couple of days, we have gotten a quarter inch of rain. More rain would be nice, but at least it settled the dust.


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  1. Getting stuck is never fun.... especially more then once in a day! That reminds me of when we where hauling some buildings into our farm one spring. The loader a friend of ours was pulling them with sunk in at a low spot. We got it out though!

    Andrew Bartlett