Friday, April 6, 2012

Ranch Work

Tuesday we brought the yearling heifers in, Bangs vaccinated them, sorted off the replacement heifers, and hauled them over to fresh pasture.

This picture was taken from the top of the stock trailer.

Letting them out.

Here is a picture of some steers that was taken a few days ago.

The crocuses are blooming.

Yesterday we brought the cows home from the river. It was a pretty long ride, but it was a nice day. We still haven't seen any rain. Some moisture would be really nice.


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  1. Your Grandma Donna loved crocuses - your grandpa used to always bring her a bouquet in the spring. Lovely spring you seem to be having - I remember snow in May one year; I took pictures of the plum tree to the east of your grandpa's house in bloom and covered in snow. :-) Happy to hear about the rain you got a couple weeks back, too. I'll try to be better about checking y'all's blog :-)
    Aunt Kate