Friday, September 2, 2011

What We've Been Doing

We finished haying a few weeks ago. We ended up with over 2,400 bales for the year. Dad finished hauling bales from across the river, but we still have to haul 1,400 or so bales over on this side of the river. We got all the bales bunched and ready to load on the trailer though.

These pictures were taken three weeks ago.(I forgot to post them)

It has cooled down a bit. Highs in the 70's lows in the 40's. It has been kind of dry recently. The other day we looked out the window and saw this. Evidently the cat was kind of cold.

A couple weeks ago Dad got his wheel loader. It is a John Deere 544H with approximately 1850 hours on it. Dad found it online, drove to Minnesota to look at it, and bought it. One of the main reasons he got it was to plow snow in case we have another bad winter. It is handy for other things like loading rock too.



  1. Nice pictures! I really like the second picture of the clouds! Awesome!!!!
    Nice wheel loader! Is that your bulldozer too?
    Andrew B.

  2. Thanks. The clouds were pretty amazing that day.

    Yep. It is a D-7 Cat. We bought it several years ago. It had a cracked head so we had to replace it. The wheel loader will do just about everything the Cat could though.