Sunday, March 13, 2011

A warm day in March

Since this blog has not been very active for awhile, I decided I'd post on it and not my other blog.
On Thursday it was really nice(in the forties) so we were outside a lot. Later in the day I went to the barnyard and took some pictures of our calves. Not much else to say so here are the pictures.

Molly(Or Maully) and Sam.

Molly playing with Sam.

Misty wanted to hog all the attention.

Sam and Snowball.

Molly and I.

The snow.



  1. the last photo is sooooooo beautiful

    - Micah

  2. Looks like you don't have much snow. Were the grader pushed up the snow theres 11+ feet of snow. I the fields there is probably 2 feet of snow.


  3. Yes David, with a week of warm weather your snow will really start shrinking too. It's really nice to finally see some brown.