Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Pheasant

I turned eighteen yesterday. I don’t feel any older today but it does seem odd that I’m legally an adult. That means that I could join the military and in three years I could get a concealed weapons permit. I find it strange that the government considers me mature enough to go to war but not mature enough to carry a concealed weapon.
Also, I got my first pheasant today. I hit it at 40 or more yards with the 22. rifle. The rifle has a scope on it and I managed to hit the pheasant in the neck. Of course, I did lean the gun on the windowsill since I was shooting from inside the house. (Who wants to go outside to hunt pheasants when it’s below zero?)

The weather is cold and there’s snow on the ground so the chickens are staying inside even though I opened the chicken door so they could go outside if they wanted. The hens have started laying better now that I leave the light on all night. I hope it warms up soon and the chickens will be able to go outside but I don’t see any warm weather on the way.



  1. Happy birthday! According to, in Montana you can legally open carry without a permit from age 14 onward. If I lived there, I'd be doing it. :-) Here in ND you can get a concealed carry permit at age 18 that allows you to also open carry but even if you have the permit there is a lot of place you still can't carry so it pretty much is useless except for gas stations, grocery stores, and in your car.

  2. Hey, Jess - I'm a bad Aunt, having forgotten to send you even a card! Plus I've missed Danny's birthday, too, haven't I? *sigh* Well, I hope you had a good day and I hope Danny had a good day. It is SO strange to think of you as 18, because that mean's I'm really old now ... Have yourselves a merry Christman and a happy New Year!

  3. Sweet, I just discovered your blog again. I like it. :)